Hi Sandy,
I just wanted to let you know that the carpet we put upstairs is everything I wanted. It looks fabulous and is so soft to walk on. Plus it doesn’t show footprints at all. I just love it!! Thank you for all of your hard work on this, especially with the mix-up!
I also wanted to say Scott and his team were wonderful and did such a nice job installing the carpet. He did the carpeting in our livingroom too.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

LaDaun Johnson

Hi Bruce.

I just wanted to send you a Thank You for all you have done to complete the carpeting in our home.

As you know I am extremely into detail and am known as a perfectionist. Cap Carpet fulfilled all of my requests.
Chelsey Lucas was very much of a professional and made several calls to make sure all my questions were answered Josh Polos, Sean and their additional crew helper made the job pleasurable. The concern was so much carpeting and that meant seams. They all worked so hard and it turned out BEAUTIFUL.

I was so excited when they completed the job I had to give them all 3 a big hug.

I would recommend Cap Carpet to anyone that wants a First Class Job.

Evie Kisch

Dear Mr. Quitter,

My gosh, I don’t know how to start this letter! Unfortunately in this day and age, poor customer service is the norm and therefore expected, which is why I rarely write a thank you to a business. I am going to back up a bit first with some background of my situation.
On September 1 I found out my dad had lung cancer that had spread to his brain. He died sixteen days later. Three weeks to the day after this, my grandmother passed away. He lived 200 miles north of the Twin Cities, and she lived in Iowa. Needless to say, I spent nearly every weekend since those events driving back and forth dealing with funeral services, cleaning out a house and an antique shop filled to the rafters that my dad owned. Not to mention dealing with the loss of family. All this, plus trying to work full time has been stressful. The load got heavier when my husband needed knee surgery, which was scheduled in January. Through all this my kitchen was falling apart; a cupboard door fell off, the kitchen sink faucet snapped in half, etc. Why not add to the load by remodeling my kitchen and re-doing all the flooring in the kitchen, dining and living room?

I am a Costco member and decided to purchase Shaw flooring through them. I submitted a request to them in November and Darren and Ambra contacted me. We made an appointment for them to come to our home with samples, which by the way, I inundated Ambra with a HUGE list of samples we wanted to see. Hubby and I were so impressed with them when we met face to face. They were both upbeat and friendly and patient! We picked out Kingsbridge Holbrook Maple, and also picked out a carpet for our stairs. We set up a tentative install date for the last week of January. I am a planner, so I took off three weeks of unpaid leave to work around my husband’s knee surgery, the remodel, and taking care of some urgent issues with my dad’s antique shop. I had the cabinet installation set up and the flooring was to follow; everything was down to the day and date on my schedule.

The installers, Jason Polos and Josh Williams, were at my house on January 22nd to begin. After only a short while they told me there was an issue with the floor. The edges were risen up and some bubbling appeared. If they had installed it, it would have easily chipped. Darren and Ambra showed up to look at it then called the Shaw rep. An inspector was called to come out, which he did that week on Thursday. The verdict came back that the floor was defective, and a new batch was ordered but would go through a quality check with Shaw first. Oh boy, now I was looking at not being able to set up my kitchen, dining and living room yet. Some women may have thought it was great to have more time not being able to cook, but it threw me for a loop! I just wanted a sense of normalcy back in my life. Throughout all this, Ambra kept in touch with me to let me know what was happening and the new timeline. Finally, the new batch arrived and a new install date set. Everyone worked so quickly to get this rushed for me! However, things sometimes don’t go the way we want or plan. After a short while the installers had another issue. The flooring was warped and bowing and they were only able to use about every tenth board. I was shocked to see it since it had gone through QC, but I suppose it had only been examined for the previous issue, not a new one. You should know about the installers as well. Jason and Josh were tossed a tough situation and they were fantastic! They handled it all very diplomatically and with empathy. They really impressed me, and their behavior calmed me down. They did the correct thing even though it was tough for us all. Ambra contacted me again with profuse apologies. I told her I’d come to the store and pick out something else. She told me that Shaw will take care of any cost differences. Ambra was out on appointment but called Angela to assist, and I went to your store to pick out another type of flooring. Hubby wasn’t with me so I was hoping I’d choose something he’d like. I sent him photos of some I considered and he okayed one of them. The order was placed and upon arrival, a new install date was set. Have you ever seen that Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day? When Jason and Josh showed up for the third time, I told them that I felt like Bill Murray! They got started right away and told me everything looked great, and the install was going well. I have to tell you that these two guys are awesome! They had a marvelous sense of humor and lots of energy! Their work was absolutely impeccable, and they did a wonderful job of cleaning up when they finished. That is something you often don’t get with contractors!

The job was finished up yesterday and my hubby and I are beyond pleased with the floor, but even more so with Ambra, Darren, Jason and Josh. With all the stress I’ve been under, this could have been the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. But, with their platinum customer service skills, all was good. I work in real estate and title and hear lots of horror stories from buyers, sellers and agents about vendors and contractors. From this day forward, CAP Carpet will be my ONLY recommendation to everyone!!!

Thank you, Mr. Quitter, for hiring such quality people. It is they who can make or break a business, and believe me, with people like them, you are going to be in business a VERY long time!
Very sincerely,

Tori Eide

Hi Maria; the install went very well, Josh & Shawn did a great job making sure everything was just right. The carpet looks very nice and we are happy with the purchase.
Thanks for your help!

Chris & Karin Kane

Our pleasure, and you deserve high marks, you were personable, honest, responsive, and coming off teh experience we just had with another flooring company. It was nice to work with you :)

John F.

It looks great! The crew was very considerate and worked at it non-stop. I don't have a before photo of the old carpet but here are two of the completed project.
Thanks for your time and effort!